DXVetery - a Mod for Deus Ex.

DXVetery Soundtrack

We hereby release the DXVetery soundtrack. The zip file includes the main ambient music in various configurations. Read more »

The Future of DXVetery

I've got some bad news: DXVetery development has stopped. I really had hoped never to have to make this announcement; a part of me had always hoped we would be able to continue and finish the project. Read more »

DXVetery and the Steam Version of Deus Ex

In principle, DXVetery runs fine with the Steam version of Deus Ex, there's just one file that's causing problems: DeusEx.exe. We explain how to work around this problem. Read more »


Want to get in touch? Join our IRC channel. Read more »

DXVetery demo available now!

We are very happy to announce that as of now, the first part of DXVetery is available to beta-testers! Everyone is invited to beta-test the mod. Read more »

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